Campaign Prep

When the customer information has been gathered and it’s time to start your actual outreach, IDS will help you get everything in shape to ready your postal campaign, email campaign, phone campaign or social media campaign. Whatever the medium, we work with you to prepare your list for seamless synchronization with the resource you’ll use to distribute your communications.

Data Hygiene and the quality…

Data Hygiene and the quality of internal data help to:

  • Ensure that messages reach the intended target audience
  • Reduce costly returns and undeliverable mail
  • Avoid wasting mailings on individuals who have moved or may have passed away — and track individuals who have moved to keep their information current

We are here to make your database work for your campaign. We will listen to your needs and requirements and provide the best overall solutions, quality, and price.

IDS Mailing Prep

Apartment Appending

Provides missing secondary address information such as apartment numbers to make sure your mailings get all the way to the intended recipient.


Coding Accuracy Support System standardizes address info such as abbreviations, directionals, ZIP+4, Carrier Route, and Delivery Point Codes.

Deceased Screening

Help you to avoid mailings to recipients who have passed away to provide savings in postage and production and to avoid upsetting family members.

Delivery Sequence File (DSF2®)

Delivery Sequence File provides information about the deliverability of the address (i.e. seasonal, vacant, business or residence) and places the file in Postal Walk Sequence providing the maximum postage discounts for saturation mailings.

DMA & Prison + Nursing Home Suppression

Removes addressees who are in the Direct Marketing Association “Do Not Mail” list or who are in prison or a nursing home.


Remove duplicates, combine multiple mailing lists and code addresses by source list for tracking results.


Personal change-of-address uses commercial records such as subscription, mail order, and websites, credit card companies, and other proprietary sources. Updates records not caught by NCOALink® processing.

PCOA Enhanced

Personal Change of Address Enhanced allows you to take a deeper look beyond the 48-month limit in the NCOA. It includes name changes, and identification of deceased individuals. This process links to more than 29,000 continually updated sources, and has 35 years of archived historical data.

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