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No single list is the right lead generation solution for every business. That’s why IDS connects you with different types of lists from a broad range of sources. The resources below begin to give you a sense or the database landscape.

Acquisition email campaigns bring new customer leads to your business. And while the benefit such a campaign can be felt for years, at IDS, the campaigns can come together quickly.

Developing your acquisition email lists

  • We compile data through 5,000+ opt-in, permission-based and destination websites and online publishers.
  • 100% of our emails are double opt-in and are matched to a valid USPS® physical address.
  • We overlay 750+ different selects onto each record using a national consumer database and this allows our clients to pinpoint their audience.
  • The data is cleaned both internally and using secondary partners for data hygiene to ensure a healthy and deliverable email address.

Access to data

  • We set up your login so any of your team members can pull counts and/or access realtime reporting. Even though you have the ability to pull counts and reports, if that is not something you would like to do, we are happy to do it for you and no matter what, we send our open, click through, and link reporting seven days after a campaign deploys.

Guaranteed results

  • IDS has a 2% Click Rate Guarantee

No Bots

  • We have a No-Bots Guarantee. IDS is committed to delivering bot-free traffic. We use two third-party bot detection companies along with proprietary methods to identify and filter bots in real-time.
  • We will identify and block most bots, so they are blocked before they reach your website.
  • With all the work done to filter bots, it is possible that some bots may not be filtered in real-time. Our guarantee is to replace these bots with a new valid click or visitor at no charge.


  • We offer suppression services where we can suppress current customers or unwanted prospects, ensuring your only deploying to new records.
  • Not sure if your subject line is going to prompt people to open your email, let us help you by running it through our subject line tester.

Subject Line Testing

The subject line is absolutely key to the success of email campaigns. That’s why IDS provides subject line testing access for all of your email campaigns. It provides a real-time score on the projected strength of each subject line.

IDS consumer lists allow you to identify –– and connect with –– specific consumers who are active in the marketplace. IDS pinpoints the exact type of target audience through demographic, lifestyle, psychographic, and transactional information. We have millions of individual records which are 100% Zip+4 coded and DPV®-verified — that is, delivery point-verified — which confirms mailings can reach and be received at a particular address.

Pinpointing your target

You can target by age, household income, presence of children, homeowner, and more than 750 other selections. We consider those possibilities and each of the following questions with each postal campaign:

  • Are you working with more than one location?
    • IDS can easily pull a radius (Multiple-Location Radius Pulls) by distance or drive time and make sure there are no duplicate records between the locations.
  • Do you have street boundaries that define your market area?
    • IDS provides street-level mapping ( Map to the Street Level) that can be used as your geography.
  • Do you have a customer file you need to suppress from your order?
    • IDS can take your customer file and use it as a suppression file during our counts process — or in industry terms, Upload a Customer Suppression File before Ordering. This identifies how many unique records are within your requested count.

The core of our databases is compiled from public records, phone directories, self-reported data — such as warranties, registrations, and telemarketing — subscriptions, purchase transactions, property data, websites, and US Census data. Our lists are updated every 30 days and are always exploring additional sources for the highest quality data and selects.

IDS is here to make our database work for your campaign. We will listen to your needs and requirements and provide the best overall solutions in regards to quality and price.

IDS dives deep

We get to know your business. We learn which of the millions of businesses in our database you should be targeting. When you call us and ask for a list of businesses, We’ll ask an unusual question: Why? We ask because giving you the wrong list dooms the rest of your campaign before it even starts. We ask to get it right from the very start.

We get to know your audience

We get the businesses you want to target. We go beyond the place where lists start — an aggregate of telephone directories, government records, trade association publications, and self-reported data. From that base directory, we continue on to merge data from more than 350 sources for new businesses, including Secretaries of State, County Courthouses, and Public Record Notices.

IDS digs in even further.

After each source is cataloged, scanned, and processed, the records are authenticated and run through ACE® (Address Correction Engine) to standardize the addresses. At this point, 92% of the addresses receive a Zip+4 to ensure the best possible deliverability.
Finally, each business record is called individually to verify and update all information on the file. And even with more than 14 million records, the file is refreshed monthly with new data and list sources. This includes running it through specific postal processes such as DPV®, NCOALink®, and LACS®. And unlike some sources, we also run our business lists against Nixie—a file of all businesses that have been marked as out-of-business to make sure you’re not sending mail to businesses that no longer exist.

When you’re looking for the best business list you can find anywhere — one tailored to your specific needs — we hope you don’t mind if we’re a bit nosey…because our commitment to your list’s success is nothing to sneeze at.

Subject Line Testing

The subject line is absolutely key to the success of email campaigns. That’s why IDS provides subject line testing access for all of your email campaigns. It provides a real-time score on the projected strength of each subject line.

At IDS, we view New Movers and New Homeowners as distinct lists. New Movers might be moving to a rental property. New Homeowners regularly spend heavily on improvements with remodeling, new appliances, and other updates that add up to a huge opportunity for area businesses.

Developing a new movers or homeowners program is essential for any service or retail company looking to stay ahead of the curve. Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans move annually, and when they move they re-establish both their driving patterns and buying habits? These new movers are eager to develop new relationships with retailers, restaurants, and the like. Because of that, it is important to get your product or service in front of them first when they go looking!

IDS’s New Movers and New Homeowners lists aggregate data from multiple sources assuring wider and more detailed coverage. These databases are developed using unique, proprietary Change of Address data, recorded deed information on new home sales, telephone service providers, catalog/magazine address changes, and other sources and is updated on a weekly schedule.

IDS also provides more detailed selects, such as Move Distance, Move Date, Income, Age, Presence of Children, and Same/Different SCF, State, or Zip Moves to help refine a company’s search.

We are here to make our database work for your campaign. We will listen to your needs and requirements, and provide the best overall solutions in regards to quality and price. If the list is available, we will find it for you!

If your offerings appeal broadly to any residents or businesses within a geographic area, then saturation can be the most cost-effective direct marketing approach. With this type of list, IDS can put you in touch with audiences anywhere in the US.

Our database covers 99.99% of all addresses for all types of mailers. Not only is the database updated on a weekly basis by the USPS, it also comes presorted in walk-sequence to provide you the lowest postage available when mailing.
By using our resident saturation list, households can be targeted by many different geographical options:

Street Level Mapping

In this process, we can draw boundaries at the street level using our mapping tools to make sure we are precisely targeting your defined marketing area.

Drive-Time Radius

Going up to 30 minutes out, we can target by drive time or the closest quantity by drive time with technology that takes into account road networks, average driving speeds and obstacles such as railroads and bodies of water.


Choosing to do a radius based upon the mileage distance or a specific quantity within the closest distance.

State, MSA, County, City, Zip Code, Carrier Route, Zip+4

The options are nearly limitless and these are all standard geographic selects up for grabs.

Once you have a complete understanding of your market’s potential, we take you one step further from data and analysis to actual advice on your best options to target your most likely target areas in the most cost-effective manner.

Carrier Route Level Demographics

These are great demographic identifiers. They’re all based at the carrier route level and help you determine which carrier route selection is the better fit for your audience.

    • Median income
    • Median home value
    • Median age
    • Percentage of households with children
    • Length of residence
    • Percentage of ethnicity

Over 70% of the database can be output with a name where available.  Your mailer will still receive saturation postage rate but typically generate a higher response

Smart Saturation

You can now omit individual records down to the saturation level by household income and individual age.  We do this omission by blending the resident list with our national consumer database, and we can specify a lower or higher income or age that also prioritizes the omissions by dwelling type or route type.

Why is this important?  If you currently use demographics at the carrier route level, this only digs further into that.  We can remove roughly 10% of the consumers you would be mailing to before that are not your target audience focusing on those that are, which ultimately increases response.  Removing only 10% still keeps your mailing at the full postage discount allowed by the USPS®.

With Smart Saturation, we can now output data from the household or individual level.  This helps your campaign results as we can now identify who your best respondents are by looking at the demographics of those respondents.  This valuable information lets you adjust future campaigns and target smarter those that would be more inclined to respond to your message or offer.  Here are the demographics we can output:

    • Adult Age, Household Income, Gender, Marital Status, Ethnicity, Birth Month, and Presence of Children.

Get further personalization with Smart Saturation as we can output the head of household contact and identify whether they are a male or female.  In doing so, we can now prioritize the gender of the contact you wish to output if we have more than one contact and gender at an address.

Penetration Reporting

Examine your response by providing us those customers who responded to your campaign.  We can analyze where the respondents are coming from and see what carrier routes would be good selections for future campaigns.

Our unique apartment lists provide information not found on any other database in the industry — they allow you to target residents within specific apartment complexes. With more than 183,000 complexes with 12,500,000 residents, IDS apartment lists are compiled specifically for direct marketing purposes. IDS Apartment lists also enable you to target specific apartment complexes.

Promotions targeting specific properties
    • Senior living communities
    • Competing apartment complexes

To win in today’s automotive world, dealers need to be top of mind with potential buyers before they even start the consideration and purchase process. Likewise, repair services need a way to connect with their potential customers to establish a service relationship before major repairs are needed.  IDS, with our conquest data, can put you in touch with the right automotive audience in the right locales.

Pinpointing your audience
    • Reach out to audiences based on auto make, model, year and even VIN.
    • Tie that information to the owners name, address, phone number and email address.
    • Access attributes like vehicle class code, fuel code, manufacturer code and mileage.
    • Know about audience data like income, homeownership, and number of vehicles per household.

As the old saying goes, all politics is local. The views on political questions cut down to the local and even personal point of view. IDS voter lists allow you to pin-point specific constituencies based on a broad range of potential attributes, views, practices, associations, and hot topics at the speed of the political cycles they will impact. (Reach out to us anytime to see what current events-audience we can target.)


IDS allows you to reach millions of voters across the US with precise understanding of who they are. Included among the attributes we target are:

Non-registered voters

We all know that registering new voters can change the outcome of an election.  They don’t show up in the voter records, but identifying potential voters for voter registration drives is easy to do when you are using IDS data.


From congressional offices to agencies to state legislatures, IDS can connect you with the people who literally have the power to win your election. What’s more, we can break your constituency down by demographics, psychographics and, of course, voting history.

Secretary of State files/Voting records

The data files on public voting are massive and, for many, a major challenge to discern. IDS can help you make the best possible use of the available public voting records to deliver precise messaging based on past voting preferences, frequency, location and other information.

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